Financial Marketing Agency – 10 Reasons To Hire a Specialist

Financial Marketing Agency

Financial brands are known for providing specialist and high-quality products and services. 

You put in a lot of effort to improve your product offering and services and to keep your clients’ loyalty. 

It is of course important to keep current clients in mind, while also attracting new leads to your firm, by investing in a bulletproof digital marketing strategy.

A financial brand looking to improve its marketing results or start a new business should seek professionals familiar with your industry, products, and most importantly your audience’s behaviour.

This is where financial marketing agencies come into play.

Financial Marketing Agency

What is Financial Marketing?

Financial marketing is the use of marketing channels and strategies to increase brand awareness, generate leads and consolidate the status of financial brands.

Financial brands are known for providing high-quality, high-performing, high-value products and services. These must be strategically placed to reach the right audience.

What is a Financial Marketing Agency?

A financial marketing agency specialises in developing and executing marketing strategies for financial brands and advisers.

These agencies offer key insights into their current marketing strategies and what can be done to improve them.

They then help financial brands create a marketing strategy that includes, but is not limited to:

Why You Should Hire A Financial Marketing Agency

A financial marketing agency is a great choice if you are looking to elevate your brand’s marketing efforts. 

These are the 10 most important reasons to consider when deciding whether working with one is the best option for your firm:

1. Get key insights into your target audience

Working with a financial marketing agency can bring you key insights into your audience that may be hard to find elsewhere. 

They can examine things like website engagement, paid advertising spending, ROI, social reach and engagement to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Data-driven marketing is essential for brands that want to achieve their marketing goals. 

According to Google statistics, 33% of marketers believe that better understanding and engagement with clients is the most important factor in achieving their marketing goals over the next three years. 

How can you better understand your clients? 

You do this by looking at their data and monitoring their behaviour.

2. A financial marketing agency can help you make the most of marketing channels

The digital marketing world offers endless opportunities. 

It can be difficult to find the right plan to maximise omnichannel growth. 

This is where financial marketing agencies come in.

An agency will review your marketing channels to determine what works and what could be improved. 

The agency will help you stay up to date with the latest marketing trends by looking for new channels to market your brand.

3. Establishing meaningful marketing messages

Statistics show 60% of loyal clients buy more often from preferred companies. 

A way to be a preferred brand is to create meaningful marketing messages that speak to your target audience.

What’s the essence of a marketing message that makes a difference?

Take a look at the following:

  • Use emotion-inducing messages – To stand out in the crowd, use messages that evoke emotions. Your target audience should feel personally connected.
  • A message that shows true value – tell people who matter to you what it means for them. What are they getting from you? What can you do to help them feel better?
  • A message that encourages action – You want your target audience to take action, whether to sign up to your service offering or leave their details. Create a message that encourages them to act in whatever way you want.

4. Establish brand authority

Another way to differentiate yourself from other financial brands is to build brand authority. 

Your target audience will trust you more if you are a leader in your space.

This could increase their willingness to engage with you.

An agency for financial marketing will help you establish brand authority by:

  • Creating thought-leading content
  • Creating authentic messages
  • Creating marketing campaigns that promote excellence
  • Creating comprehensive content marketing plans that demonstrate expertise and delight your audience simultaneously
  • Building brand authority lets consumers know that you are knowledgeable and can offer the best products and services.

5. A financial marketing agency can help you find new leads

Marketing is about finding the right balance between appealing to your target audience and attracting new members of that target audience. 

Recruitment of new leads is crucial for the sustainability and growth of financial brands. 

A good agency can help you get leads by leveraging key inbound strategies, such as:

Content marketing

Creation and promotion of relevant content in various forms (videos, graphics, blog posts, etc.). This is an effective way to get leads. This is particularly true for agencies that use search engine optimisation (SEO).

Lead Magnets

A financial marketing agency can help you create value-adding Lead Magnets that increase your conversions. These are some examples of Lead Magnets that perform well within financial services:

  • Guides
  • Newsletters
  • Calculators
  • Checklists
  • White papers
  • Webinars

Social Media Marketing

An agency helps you create engaging social content for your brand. This allows you to expand your brand on platforms such as:

We will discuss paid advertising in more detail shortly. 

However, it is worth noting that an advertising agency will help you plan, implement and evaluate paid advertising campaigns. 

These campaigns can generate high-quality and high-value leads.

6. Grow organically

Outbound and inbound strategies are both important components of a marketing mix. 

Outbound refers to your brand’s efforts to get in front of leads, while inbound refers to your brand’s efforts to get leads back to you. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a solid inbound marketing strategy that agencies will exploit.

SEO refers to the creation of a website and content that ranks well in search engines like Google.

A financial marketing agency can work with you to develop a strong SEO strategy. These strategies will include:

  • Keyword-driven content creation
  • Producing high quality content creation that meets Google’s E-A-T standards
  • UX design
  • Generating back-links
  • Website speed monitoring

7. Financial Marketing Agencies can create stunning industry-specific websites

A beautiful and user-friendly website and landing pages are the key to the success of financial brands. 

Marketing techniques can bring leads to your website and landing pages, no problem. 

However, they must be compelling enough to encourage them to stay and leave their details behind. 

Your branding should be reflected in your web design. 

However, it should not be overly cluttered or too complicated. 

This delicate balance is between showing your brand and providing the best user experience. An agency can help you find that balance.

8. Implement effective paid advertising campaigns

Organic inbound marketing strategies have a lot of value, but they can be slow to achieve results. 

Paid advertising can be a viable option for financial brands that want to achieve results quickly.

Paid advertising is exactly what it says on the tin. Financial brands are paying to advertise online. 

A financial marketing agency is to help you with the daily running of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc. 

It can be expensive if not done correctly, so it is wise to seek the advice of professionals, especially if you are a financial firm that is just starting to use paid advertising.

Paid advertising can deliver amazing results if done correctly. Statistics show paid ads have an average return of 200%. 

When such high stakes are involved, it is always wise to seek professional advice.

9. Make your social media channels a place where clients and prospects turn to

A financial marketing agency will combine engaging visuals with powerful messages to create meaningful connections and engage in social media platforms

They will also monitor the performance of your social media marketing to determine what works and what doesn’t, and where to pivot.

When working with a financial marketing agency on your social media, you will see:

  • Rise in engagement
  • Increase in followers
  • Strengthening of brand authority
  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Engaged followers
  • The creation of a loyal brand community

10. A financial marketing agency creates copy that delights and converts

Writing copy for financial services requires careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of the audience and industry

That’s without mentioning compliance. Copywriting for financial services is a valuable skill that will:

  • Inspire your audience
  • Keep them interested
  • Encourage them to take action (by delivering a strong call to action)

Get help from a specialist agency to ensure your content is as effective as possible for your target audience.

Do you want to work with a financial marketing agency?

As a financial company, you are proud to offer a high level of service. This is something we share.

You develop financial plans for your clients after identifying their challenges, problems, goals and goals. 

Why should it differ for your marketing? 

Would you trust someone who was not a specialist to carry out these plans for your clients? 

If not, why would you trust someone who is not a financial marketing specialist to carry out your marketing plans? 

Opulent Media Group is a marketing agency specialising in financial companies that want to attract new leads and remain at the forefront of their current client base. 

Contact us today for a digital marketing strategy that will enhance your financial brand.

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