Re-Targeting and Re-marketing

Re-targeting and re-marketing strategically position your ads in front of your website visitors as they browse Google or social media, helping you to increase your brand awareness or remind your website visitors to get in touch. We can even be as specific to target them with different content dependent on which area of your financial services portfolio they visited. Don’t let them forget your name!

Reach the right people after their search has ended


The way that consumers research their potential financial decisions is constantly changing.

Re-targeting isn’t just a way to brashly push your way back into the minds of your audience; it’s a unique opportunity to re-establish a connection with them by using the insights collated to create perfect ads and meaningful journeys which are tailored exactly to that specific audience persona.

As one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing strategy, and the fact that we’re a data-driven agency, you can guarantee that our re-targeting strategies are planned out to perfection with the details of your audience in mind. No longer an add-on service, retargeting is now seen as an essential part of any marketing strategy helping you to reconnect with an audience you well could have lost, without the power of re-targeting

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Data-Driven Re-marketing & Re-targeting

To get your services back in front of your audience, we use a selection of re-marketing techniques

You don’t need to worry about any algorithm changes or search engine updates – we handle that! We help you stay centre stage once your visitors have left your site.

Dynamic Re-marketing

So how can you entice customers back to increase your conversions? Reaching your audience using the products which they showed interest in while browsing your website provides them with a more personal advert. This translates to 26% of returning clients that enquire where retargeted ads are used.

Re-marketing for Existing Clients

At Opulent Media we provide a holistic approach to re-marketing campaigns, which include targeting your existing customers too. Approximately 80% of your business’ revenue will originate from 20% of your clients. Your clients are often advocates for your business, adding between 20% to 50% growth through referrals.

Knowing How to Balance Re-targeting

Continuing to show the same audience the same ads over and over is obviously a waste of valuable budget. Through our PPC team’s experience with Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Business, we ensure that your money is well spent in valuable ever-changing campaigns.