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Seeing the best results from your Pay Per Click (PPC) management requires years of experience and time commitment. With Opulent Media Group as your PPC Agency, you can leave the commitment to us. As early pioneers of PPC capabilities, we are fortunate enough to work with financial professionals in the UK, Asia, the USA and the United Arab Emirates to consistently deliver results paired with all important returns on investment.

PPC Guide
PPC Guide
Google Pay Per Click

PPC for Financial Services


PPC is no longer a keyword-targeted service. It is now a complex beast incorporating; retargeting, video ads, mobile apps and social media advertising.

PPC algorithms and technology have also evolved opening up crazy opportunities with re-marketing, machine learning, competitor analysis, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) which are all highly desirable to create the perfect PPC strategy for your business.

With more client touch points than ever, creating a coherent and profitable strategy can be challenging. We’re here to guide through the funnels and sift through the data.

Pay Per Click

PPC Management for Financial Services Professionals


To ensure that your paid media strategy quite literally pays off, we use an ever-refined process to produce tangible and results-driven outcomes.

Forever refining your PPC campaigns is key to success and we are committed to updating your strategy daily based on what your data is telling us, to ensure leads flood into your inbox.


We take time to understand your business and objectives and work through your existing PPC accounts (if you have them). This allows us to uncover what’s working (what’s not) and to provide detailed analysis and actions.


Using a variety of intelligence tools, we examine your competitor’s campaigns looking for what we can learn about their strategy to uncover quick wins and benchmark your business in their paid space.


A successful PPC campaign is relevant to your audience. We work with you to create bespoke customer personas that feed into our tactics and allow us to create compelling and engaging user journeys.


We will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done at this point. We then create a strategy for you to sign off - this is our bible until the data tells us we need to adapt and change things up.


Creating attractive ad copy with a bold call to action is crucial to success. Ads need to be relevant to your audience and consistently tested and amended to increase ROI.


We discover the right mix of positive and negative keywords that offer high user intent and that are cost-effective. Our campaigns are very selective so we can tightly control your budget.


Whether we are building on your current campaigns or building new accounts and brand new campaigns, we carry out extensive implementation . You will own the accounts and have full access.


Our monthly reporting process gives you a comprehensive overview of how our strategy is working, how many leads each campaign has gained and how we plan to further develop the following month.


With a great deal of care we will continually optimise success and boot poor performing ads, keyword and sources seeking higher engagement and intent. We are also aided by machine learning at this stage.


We make things easy to understand by producing meaningful data with a narrative that helps us collectively make a better decision on the strategy moving forward. We produce monthly reports with quarterly get-together reviews.


The performance of your web pages can have a huge impact on your PPC performance. Think of conversion rate as the multiplier. We are constantly testing copy, layout, calls to action and much more to increase this number.


As we gather more data, it may become obvious that some tactics are working better than others. We conduct a quarterly review to see if we need to adjust our strategy based on objectives and what the market is showing us.

 Google Ads Management

We’re experts in creating and managing high-performing Search and Display campaigns that increase visibility and profitability. Want to get to the top of Google? Want to rank higher than your competitors? Let’s make it happen.

Social Media Advertising

Reach your audience with highly accurate demographic targeting and benefit from this low-cost method of brand awareness and sales generation. Get your ads seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok.

Microsoft Ads Management

We get your brand noticed on Microsoft’s sometimes neglected search engine as well as Yahoo! Bing may not seem like the obvious choice - although their audience is commonly between the ages of 55-64 and one-third of the Bing audience has a household income of £100K+. Now you’re interested, right?


Using well-tested retargeting techniques, we can guide users back to your website. Retaregting allows you to strategically position your ads in front of your audiences as they browse Google or social media, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind your website visitors to get in touch.


Why use PPC? ↓

PPC can help you achieve numerous business or marketing objectives relating to brand awareness, lead submission, sales, and more. It allows you to track and measure almost any kind of conversion goal. You can quickly setup a PPC campaign that either casts the net very widely or maintains a very tight focus: you retain total control. Results come very quickly, which means viral data to upscale or revise your strategy is not hard to come by. The performance of a PPC campaign will not also be affected by search algorithm changes.

What does a PPC Agency do? ↓

PPC specialists at Opulent Media Group manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and are focused upon one thing: delivering exceptional ROI. That means we take time to fully understand your objectives and target personas, audit the wider competitor landscape, and then create PPC strategy based upon keywords, audiences, ads and creatives that will not only smash your KPIs, but also do so in a way that saves you money and time.

How do you report on PPC work? ↓

We regularly report on SEO work, and can do so weekly, monthly, quarterly, or according to a timescale that works for you. We focus on making reports as easy to understand as we can, including the meaningful data that drives the ongoing strategy of PPC campaigns, and a narrative that explains what we’ve been doing, what ROI you’ve seen as the result of our work, and what we are going to do next to level up your paid campaigns even more.

What is a good quality score? ↓

Quality score is a Google Adwords that estimates the quality and relevance of your keywords and PPC ads. A “good score” therefore depends on the type of keyword that you’re bidding on. Google Automatically gives new keywords a Quality Score of 6, so a “good score” should be 7 at minimum. That said, your branded keyword should ideally possess a quality score of up to 10, and your high-intent keywords should really be aiming for close to 9.

PPC vs SEO - Which is better? ↓

SEO and PPC tend to work best when they are integrated and aligned, as both complement the other. “Which is better” in isolation depends entirely on what you’re looking to achieve. SEO is more focused upon generating organic traffic over the mid-long term, and this traffic carries no attached cost-per-click and tends to have more staying power. Paid ads appear above the organic listings that SEO seeks to influence, and can usually begin to deliver results more quickly. Targeting for PPC can also be far more granular.

What is the difference between remarketing and retargeting? ↓

Remarketing means that you are re-engaging with potential customers using email. A remarketing campaign involves collecting and compiling user information into audience lists that can be nurtured with sales emails.

Retargeting usually means that you serve ads to potential customers based on cookies and a user’s activity on your site. Retargeting uses third party networks like the Google Display Network to potentially reach millions of users.