LinkedIn Newsletters – How to best use them as a Financial Adviser

LinkedIn Newsletter

LinkedIn Newsletters have launched for business pages, and we’re excited about it!

Now you can ask your audience and connections to subscribe to your long form content as a newsletter on the platform.

LinkedIn is now encouraging its members to publish articles on a particular topic via the newsletter feature, which is an add-on to Articles.

Subscribing LinkedIn members will then receive notifications via the platform and email whenever you publish a new article for that newsletter.

Your LinkedIn “newsletter” is essentially an article that gets the added benefit of notifications to those who subscribe.

The feature aims to increase engagement and encourage conversations between connections.

What are the benefits for financial advisers to create a LinkedIn newsletter?

We believe that content syndication and awareness are the main benefits.

LinkedIn newsletters are a great way to grow and build on your financial audience beyond business pages and personal posts.

LinkedIn Newsletters

How LinkedIn Newsletters Work

In three easy steps, you can write and distribute your first LinkedIn Newsletter (of many, hopefully!):

It’s as simple as write, publish and review!

Yes, you can even view the analytics of each newsletter, like your social posts on the platform.

LinkedIn has already seen great success with early adopters of their newsletter feature.

Insider and Zoom are one of many big brands already publishing newsletters on the platform and have seen impressive results.

Zoom had 10% of its LinkedIn subscribers sign up within 24 hours. Insider also participated in a pilot program to test the new feature. Within 24 hours, they had gained 820,000 subscribers!!

The Real Power of Communication

Serialized content is a proven way to maintain customer interaction via blogs and standard newsletters. has reported that 4 out of 5 marketers would prefer to give up email marketing over social media if made to choose.

Although, the all new LinkedIn Newsletter feature now provides the best of both worlds, which is a real game changer in the industry.

LinkedIn even allows newsletter creators to establish a subscriber list, just like email marketing platforms.

This allows you to target specific clients or connections and distribute relevant content to the right audience.

Unique To LinkedIn

We know that LinkedIn is a social networking platform specifically designed for businesses and professionals who want to expand their reach.

The all new newsletter feature now allows its users a new way to connect with and grow their subscribers and connections.

It is worth noting that articles and newsletters can only be created by qualified business pages on LinkedIn.

This includes having a base audience greater than 150, creating original content and adhering to LinkedIn’s professional community policies.

Newsletters are a brand new feature, so it is difficult to predict if it will be popular among existing members.

However, early success with newsletters looks promising, and LinkedIn members now have another way to engage with their followers, which in our eyes is never a bad thing!

We predict it could be ‘the’ new way to communicate your content to your audience.

But as a Financial Adviser, is it worth jumping aboard the new feature with urgency?

LinkedIn Newsletters for Financial Advisers

One thing we know is that engaging content is a great way to build trust and confidence with clients.

A client newsletter is arguably one of the best vehicles to do so.

Financial newsletters are a great way for advisers to provide timely, useful, compliant content to their clients.

This content, then distributed on LinkedIn, allows you to keep your company top of mind among a range of clients and other LinkedIn connections, while encouraging valuable conversations.

We also see great results when our clients ride the wave of new features.

Whether they take off or not, you want to be seen as ‘keeping up with the times’.

So why is LinkedIn such a great place to distribute your newsletter?

A staggering 57.2% of UK citizens have a LinkedIn account as of 2022.

So if you are a financial adviser and want to be viewed as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and skilled, sending your newsletters via LinkedIn and using the platform to communicate with clients and prospects is a no brainer.

Where to start?

If you do not have time in your week to write and distribute financial content, then rest assured.

Our copywriters are in-house experts with decades of financial industry experience.

Opulent Media Group is an agency that understands the industry jargon, but also helps you avoid it when required to fully engage your clients without overwhelming them.

We provide engaging, insightful newsletter content that saves financial companies the stress of hiring an in-house copywriter with the right expertise.

Whether you need your newsletter to be about investments, pensions, retirement, and investments, EIS/SEIS, inheritance tax, pension transfers, QROPS, business financial planning or general wealth management – we can write about it.

We have the capabilities and resources to help you serve your clients, whether you require pre-written financial articles or bespoke content.

Let’s get your first LinkedIn newsletter underway! Get in touch today.