10 Lead Generation Strategies For Financial Advisors

Lead Generation

The best financial businesses of the 21st century understand the importance of quality and functional websites to marketing.

Clients don’t just come out of the blue.

You must position your business in such a way that attracts them.

Client conversion can only happen when you’re getting sufficient traffic in the first place.

Marketing for financial services

Lead Generation

We have studied the trajectory of various financial services companies and how lead generation has revolutionised their businesses and client base.

Understandably, the financial services sector is highly competitive.

As such, you must essentially do two things with your financial website.

The first is to make it optimised for an excellent user experience when people locate your website.

The second is to utilise digital marketing strategies to help your website rank high on the search tab.

That way, people get to find your business online and get a quality user experience when they do so.

From our analysis, over working with thousands of clients, here are the top 10 ways that can help you enhance your lead generation.

1) Drive Engagement Through SEO

The world is now online, and if you must get to your target audience, you must attract it.

Visibility is the first step to client attraction.

An effective way to go about this is by implementing the fundamental SEO best practices.

SEO refers to search engine optimisation.

When you search a question online, and Google pops up with certain websites offering the answers, it’s because those websites have been optimised with the keywords you searched.

The first step is to analyse your website to know the relevant things people search for on the subject.

This will include researching user keywords and competition keywords.

That is, you must consider the set of keywords your competitors use in their services and blogs.

Following this, compile all the keywords you get and use them to optimise the content you publish on your website.

There are strategic ways to use SEO writing to attract the right set of clients.

You will need to achieve up to 2% density of the keywords in your content, and use main keywords in the first and last paragraphs.

The rules are more than this, and that’s why you need an expert to help you out.

At Opulent Media Group, we help financial advisers handle this part of their marketing.

2)Incorporate Videos As Part of Your Marketing Strategy

One thing that stands Chanel out in the luxury industry is its effective use of video marketing.

Marketing is connected to human psychology.

People love to see faces when it comes to service offerings.

This often strengthens the confidence level they have in the company.

Chanel has posted millions of videos targeted at brand values communication, more than any other luxury brand.

You can also implement this strategy as a financial service firm, and here’s how.

For the posts you make on your website, endeavour to include video explanations in some instances.

Another way is to have a “meet the team” page, where team members discuss their roles in the company and motivation for working.

People feel a deeper connection level when they know the faces behind a brand.

Aside from that, video explanations also aid quicker understanding.

Get video editing services to help modify your written content into simple, shareable video formats.

3) Offer Value 

Audience attraction must lead to client conversion for a complete lead generation process.

This makes value offering important from the point a potential user gets on your website.

Firstly, your website must be user-friendly such that users can navigate through your tabs conveniently.

Secondly, there must be valuable content everywhere they turn.

Valuable content in this regard is clear, simple copies that can help them address their immediate needs.

One of such is a “getting started” guide that offers relevant insights into using your platform.

This boosts the users’ awareness level and determines whether or not they will continue browsing your website.

So, sufficient carefulness and thoughtfulness must go into creating these preliminary guides.

4) Post Forms Strategically Across Your Pages

Forms contribute significantly to the actual lead generation.

However, many make a common mistake to bombard users with personal questions before moving on with surfing the platform.

While you need to get those details, tact is essential.

Post these forms in short pieces asking for basic details at different points in time.

People are more willing to part with little information. It feels less burdensome and also quick to fill.

Also, use these forms as leverage into using your actual services, and not as a blockage.

This means that you should provide users with relevant information, and then point to the form using an arrow.

For instance, a post may talk about the services you offer while a form is by the side, asking for basic details to activate the quotes.

5) Blogs Are Smart Ways To Offer Value

When you need to know more about a subject, you go online to read blog posts from experts.

These posts are easy ways to offer solutions in a conversational manner.

Generating leads on your website requires that you have something pulling traffic in the first place.

With blogs, you can bridge this gap conveniently.

People want to read about personal finance, getting loans, or how they can address debt issues.

Writing blogs is how you can help them with this.

Your blogs should contain relevant keywords to the topic you’re writing.

That will increase the blog’s visibility and help you get the right set of people.

Essentially, these blogs should serve as anchors for your service offerings.

They should explain topical issues and point potential clients to your relevant services.

6) Slow Websites Work Against You

Two things about humans are often short.

They are attention span and patience level.

In a fast-paced world, people rarely have the time to wait for too long.

If your website is slow, potential users will move on to the next website.

Speed is crucial, because to the user, it’s like getting immediate answers.

More so, your website speed is relevant to your SEO ranking.

Fast websites are ranked higher than slow ones.

People who want to read about financial services likely don’t have time to waste.

Invariably, slow websites affect your bounce rate.

One of the factors Google considers in ranking websites is the bounce level.

This refers to the user percentage that interacted with your website before leaving.

But this rating will be low since your website is slow, and people leave when the page takes too long.

In today’s world, people expect websites to load in under three seconds.

So, if you must enhance your lead generation, you must improve your website’s speed.

7) Contact Form Optimisation Places You A Step Ahead

Understand that lead generation builds up over the accumulation of all strategies.

However, no matter how beautiful other approaches are, inadequate contact forms can break the lead generation chain.

If potential customers are interested in your services, the next thing they’ll check out is how to contact you.

So, optimise these contact forms and seal the deal.

Your form should request information relevant to the service offering.

Constantly audit your forms before posting the final version.

Auditing will help you determine what stays and what goes.

Use the best copies and designs.

Your contact form template should be simple, and any copy attached should be creative and straightforward.

You should move the contact form over the fold across relevant pages.

Finally, have a compelling and strong call-to-action (CTA). CTAs will prompt the potential user to use the service.

No matter how excellent you think your contact form is, you should always seek to improve and optimise it.

8) CTAs Are More Than Statements

Ordinary statements may be treated with levity, but not your CTA. Your CTA is likely asking your potential user to part with their money or time.

By implication, it must not only be compelling, but also involve a careful thought process.

Yet, many financial service firms often overlook this part of lead generation.

When you omit CTA on your website, you create a space for doubt in your users’ minds.

For financial services, people can look elsewhere in split seconds.

So, here’s how to create the right CTA.

The CTA should be short and precise.

The CTA should be directly relevant to the user’s needs.

Experiment with your CTA before finalising.

Again, always review your CTA from time to time for adequate optimisation.

9) Target Every Part Of The Funnel

One thing we constantly advise our clients on is that they should contemplate all categories of their website visitors.

While some are out to get the services, others are there to compare quotes.

Irrespective of these varying needs, it’s smart to embrace an all-encompassing approach that serves everyone.

At every point in time, your goal should be to connect with your potential users and eventually convert them into money-paying clients.

10) Your End Goal

Finally, what matters is your end goal.

As such, you must consider it before setting out your strategies.

What a lead means to you will determine your approaches and how you make sense of your analytics.

Is your target an increased number of filled forms or an increased number of money-paying clients?

These are relevant questions to ask.

Implementing the strategies above requires some level of expertise.

While you focus on other parts of your business, we can handle this part for you and help you scale your financial service firm.

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