Google Partners Status updates: $500 additional credit for all new clients

Google Partners 2022

We are proud to have been further awarded 2022 Google Partners status under the new and improved Partners Programme.

Opulent Media Group’s Pay Per Click (PPC) team provides financial marketing services globally.

Google Partners 2022

All Partners are now eligible for Google’s “high-value offers”. These include $500 Google Ads credits (previously $100) for new clients.

New clients will have 60 days (previously 30 days) to spend $500 to qualify for the $500 additional credit.

This is a huge perk to our new financial marketing clients.

Google Partners 2022

And, beginning later in February, all Partners will be listed in Google’s new Partners directory, which will be available globally to all advertisers. We can’t wait to see ourselves officially listed!

” Opulent Media Group’s determination to make a positive difference in our clients’ offerings shows by acquiring Google Partners status, as the programme tightens its regulations. This is a testament to our team’s passion, dedication, thrill to create growth, and genuine passion to deliver high-quality results for our clients. Not only this, but all new clients will benefit from the new high-value offering of our partnership.”

– Chloe McGowan, Director, Opulent Media Group

Google Partner status allows us to offer a wider range of Google services for all our clients, not only new ones.

This includes early access to new features and dedicated account support by Google’s account strategists.

Google Partners Changes

In 2022, the Google Partners program underwent major changes.

These included redefining what it means to become a Partner, through further advanced requirements and new benefits to support the client’s growth and success in Google Ads.

Google commented, “We’re thrilled to enter this new chapter of the Google Partners program with industry-leading partners like you, and we thank you for your continued partnership.

We remain committed to listening to your feedback and evolving our offerings to fuel your success.”

Opulent Media Group proudly joins this select group. The program is for third-party advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts for other brands and businesses.

It empowers companies like ours by giving us innovative tools, resources, and support to help our clients succeed online.

Google Pay Per Click

Account eligibility

Any account managed by a Google Ads manager account will have a promotional offer applied if it meets the following requirements:

  • Manager account is a Google Partner.
  • Promotional offers are toggled on.
  • The account has no other promotions applied.
  • The account is billed to a country where Google Partners promotional offers are offered.
  • The account served its first ad impression within the last 14 days.

We’re committed to continuing to work closely with Google through the partnership to ensure that our Financial Lead Generation clients continue to see industry leading results.

As your financial marketing agency, we’re here to ensure marketing excellence for the financial services sector.

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