Promoting Quality Content for Optimal Lead Conversions

Quality Content

Creating compelling content that will be part of your lead generation strategy is only half of the job.

Next, and often overlooked, is the promotion of the content through your various channels.

This includes both outbound and inbound methods.

This article will give you an overview of where to promote your content.

It is intended to help you drive potential clients to a landing page to fill out a data capture form.

Although every campaign will not contain all these elements, it is important to include as many as possible.

The more you incorporate, the greater reach to potential clients.

Lead conversions

Lead conversions through quality content

We are a financial marketing agency fully familiarised with the inbound market of financial firms.

We understand the importance of attracting the right visitors and how to convert them into leads.

We are passionate about creating value-adding quality content, and we understand the importance of premium content in your financial marketing strategies.

After you have provided some basic information to your prospect, it is time to provide value-adding content.

This will help your financial firm convert.

Here are some ways to effectively promote premium content to maximise your lead conversions:

Your Blog and Website

  • Calls-to-Action (CTA) on blog posts
  • Advertise on your homepage as well as on other pages of your website (as banner ads or CTAs).
  • A custom CTA can be added to your sidebar or navigation
  • On the resources section of your website (if you have one)

Social Media

  • Scheduled posts on company pages
  • Promoted on personal
  • LinkedIn and other professional social platforms. Your internal team, particularly those in client-facing positions like sales or management
  • Promotion in LinkedIn groups that are focused (and appropriate).
  • Sponsored ads on social media platforms

Use Your Own Resources

  • Advertise on media outlets. This will attract business leaders to your audience.
  • Consider all the resources available within your company to reach many people who come in contact with you (also see below).

Collateral for Company

  • Your email signatures
  • Presentations
  • Marketing brochures
  • Content marketing guides
  • White papers

Sales Process

  • Talk to prospects about this topic. This will help you gain valuable lead intelligence and establish credibility.

Email Marketing

  • Promote your existing subscribers and databases
  • Promote your clients and prospects
  • To drive prospects further down your sales funnel, you can use other lead nurturing emails

SEO and links

  • Properly optimised for search engines optimisation
  • It can be linked in your blog content, as well as content on third-party sites (such as guest posts).

Word of mouth / Relationships

  • Invite colleagues, friends, and anyone else you know to share the content with your network.
  • Look into partnership opportunities with other organisations, where you might return the favour

Paid advertising

  • Paid search campaign
  • Paid advertising: Radio commercials, TV and radio ads, banner ads on websites, print ads, etc.

This list can seem quite long.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the time or resources to do everything.

The best campaigns are those that only do a small amount of it, but do it well.

Start by thinking about your target audience, where your efforts will have the greatest reach and engagement, then move on.

Promoting quality content is an integral part of any financial marketing strategy.

This will help you be more effective and learn more about where you should spend your money.

Content marketing involves so much more than just posting blogs on your website.

Without engaging with relatable content, how would you communicate with your audience?

Content marketing not only gives your clients and potential clients added value, but also helps boost your organic SEO, build trust and enhance credibility.

Giving both context and valuable information is essential in the financial sector when it comes to content marketing.

Posting at the right time and using targeting techniques are also key factors to consider if you want to ensure your target market has your brand at the forefront of their mind.

Financial Marketing Specialists

Here at Opulent Media, our content team is fully immersed in all things financial marketing.

We can build on your brand presence, giving you exposure, recognition, and ultimately generating your quality leads.

Regular quality content boosts the authority of your website, meaning extra traffic and more lead conversions.

Want your website to organically rank higher than it is now?

With our help, the strain is taken off your shoulders, and your content marketing strategy is placed into the expert hands of our content specialists.

Approximately 47% of clients will view three to five content pieces before they engage with your business.

It’s important to understand how to measure what works and what doesn’t.

We do that bit for you, too. Get in touch to learn more.

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