Financial Adviser Lead Magnets: How to Convert Prospects into Clients

Lead Magnets

Financial Adviser Lead Magnets are not going anywhere!

Financial services is an industry that relies heavily on building relationships and trust. 

Clients need to trust you as a financial adviser and rely on your expertise to plan their financial future. 

This type of relationship takes time to cement.

Although they all start with lead generation – the process of turning prospects into future clients. 

Instead of focusing all your time and effort on finding these prospects, why not implement a process that brings them to you: the creation of lead magnets.

Financial Adviser Lead Magnets

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of high quality and value adding content that you give prospects in return for their contact details. 

White pages, guides, and newsletter subscriptions are great examples of financial lead magnets.

How Can Lead Magnets Help Financial Advisers?

Lead magnets are a great way for financial advisers to expand their email lists and increase their prospect lists.

Financial services is an industry that requires advisers to have essential relationship-building skills, and financial advisers are great tools to build trustworthy relationships.

Financial advisers can also benefit from lead magnets to stand out in this crowded industry.

Lead magnets are essentially free added-value content that shows you care about your audience and are eager to solve their problems.

What Makes High-Performing Financial Adviser Lead Magnets?

A well written and designed lead magnet can help you take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level.

But what makes a good lead magnet? 

For a high-quality, high-performing lead magnet for financial advisers, three key elements are required:

  • Target a particular audience – This will help you create your lead magnet, as you will know who you are talking to.
  • Solve the problem of your potential clients – this shows potential clients your value and builds trust.
  • Link to your services – This leads people to where they can find more information about you and what you do.

What are the Benefits of Lead Magnets for Financial Services Firms?

Financial Adviser Lead Magnets

Although financial advisers have many advantages, these four can offer the greatest return on investment (ROI) and in turn lead to sustainable growth.

Benefit #1: They grow your email list

Lead magnets have the greatest advantage: they increase your email list, which in turn increases your potential client base. 

It is important to nurture them with email marketing strategies and automated journeys that show your value and build trusting relationships. 

It also provides the opportunity to put these leads into a sales funnel for all your other financial services. 

Benefit #2: They build client relationships

Lead magnets are a great way to build trusting relationships with potential clients. 

They offer something of value in return for contact information. 

Both parties benefit from the win-win situation.

Benefit #3: They educate prospects

Part of your job as a financial adviser is to help clients understand their assets and maximise them. 

You can help potential clients more than you think by sharing your knowledge. 

The more information you share with them, the more authority you build.

Benefit #4: They show your business’s expertise

Lead magnets can be a great tool to build authority in the financial advisory industry. 

Your reputation can be elevated by sharing your knowledge of financial advising and industry trends. 

This will allow you to become a trusted financial adviser, and in turn, win and retain more business. 

The 8 best financial services lead magnet examples in 2022:

1. Checklist

A checklist can be a powerful lead magnet to attract financial advising clients. 

Choose a situation where your clients must take clear steps, such as first time investing. 

Then, create a checklist. 

2. Calculator

Financial services involve a lot of maths, budgeting, and planning. 

Easy to use calculators treat lead magnets.

 For example, it could determine how much someone could receive from their final salary pension.

3. Toolkit

A toolkit is a resource that provides all the information users need about a particular topic. 

You should include key insights and tips that are not easily found online, such as white papers, calendars or reports. 

4. Webinar

A webinar is a live video conference where you can share your industry knowledge and top tips with others. 

A presentation often accompanies the webinar and can include bonus activities, such as worksheets. 

You can record or live stream your webinar.

5. Worksheet

A worksheet is exactly what it sounds like: It is a lead magnet that people download to help with a problem or obstacle. 

If you are looking to assist users with critical thinking skills, this is the right lead magnet example for you. 

A lead magnet example could be Portfolio Summary or Financial Life Planner. 

6. eBook/white paper

White papers and eBooks are reports that provide users with relevant information. 

These reports can be updates, guides, or reports. 

These lead magnets are especially useful for prospect education and reputation development.

7. Quiz

Quizzes can be used as lead magnets by engaging your users. 

They provide useful information based on the answers to a series of questions. 

The best thing about quizzes is that you can then target people according to their answers. 

8. Fact sheet

Fact sheets allow users to understand a topic through industry insights and concrete statistics.

This lead magnet example helps prospects learn and build credibility.

Financial Services Lead Magnets – Top Tips

Your lead magnet should offer free value to your prospects

Free stuff is a big hit, especially when it offers a service. This is why marketers across all industries continue to use lead magnets as a successful pull.

Provide a solution for a problem

Think of your lead magnet from the user’s perspective. 

What would you need to provide in return for their personal information? 

They need something that solves their problem and answers their questions. 

Helping users solve problems builds trust and sparks their interest. 

After all, if you’re giving away this information for free, you must have even better knowledge to share with paying clients. 

Personalise your lead magnets

Personalisation is key when creating lead magnets. 

Users should believe this content was created exclusively for them and their needs. 

From the landing page to your lead magnet, talk directly to them and answer their questions in the message. 

If you are more targeted, your chances of converting more clients are higher.

For each lead magnet, create an email automation

Once you have a user’s email address, it is time to nurture this relationship. 

You should create an automated email marketing series that triggers when an email address is provided. 

These are the key points to remember when creating automation:

Create an automated welcome series

An automated welcome series welcomes users to your list and introduces you to them. 

This type of series produces results. 

Statistics suggest welcome emails have a higher open rate than 91% and a fivefold average click rate than a typical email series.

Make the series personal.

Personalisation is crucial in email marketing. 

To personalise your messages, use your email service provider’s data and features. 

For example, you can insert the prospect name in the copy and subject line.

Your goal is to nurture

It is tempting for you to jump in and promote your services to your lead, but the goal behind a welcome series is not to sell your services. 

The goal is to introduce yourself and promote a relationship with the user. 

Emails should be written to educate and delight, not to sell your services.

Promote your lead magnets through other channels

To further promote your lead magnets, social media and paid advertising are all good options.

You can tailor your message to each channel and encourage further sign-ups.

Paid advertising is also key. We will explore this further in another blog. 

Create great landing page copy

The landing page for your lead magnet should be user-friendly and contain compelling copy. 

The copy should include:

A strong call to action

Short and sweet copy. Say more with less.

Strengthening the position of the lead magnet by reaffirming the pain points of the users

A/B testing of your opt-in form

The packaging of your lead magnet should contain an opt-in form. 

It’s important to A/B-test it. 

This means you show your audience two forms, and then track which one gets more opt-ins. 

Depending on your technology available, you could explore A/B testing: 

  • The number of fields your opt-in contains (name, email and phone number, etc.).
  • The submit button contains the call to action
  • The opt-in’s overall design, including colours as well as fonts

You can test way more to understand the best opt-in forms for your lead magnet and increase conversions.

Give people what they desire

Giving people what they want is the best tactic to create great Financial Adviser Lead Magnets. 

Focus on your target audience and the way they would like to be served. 

You are a financial adviser, and you need to provide your clients and prospects with the right service. 

Show potential clients that you are not only knowledgeable about what you do, but also about their financial well-being.

Do You Need The Assistance Of A Financial Marketing Agency?

Lead magnets can be a powerful tool for attracting new users and building long-term relationships.

It takes time, expertise and careful attention to detail to make them happen. 

Here at Opulent Media Group, we have experience in creating landing pages and lead magnets for financial companies of all sizes, from independent consultants to multinational wealth management and fintech companies.

From content creation to advertising strategy, we can help you with your financial adviser lead magnets. 

Contact us today for an inbound strategy that increases your reach and brings more prospects to you.