Email Marketing

Email marketing has become much more than a chunk of wishy, washy content lost in your recipients’ inboxes. Even a simple welcome email can increase revenue by 320% with the right message and creative execution. As an industry-specific marketing agency with a decade of experience, we have the expertise to achieve strong results for your financial services business through regular updates, funnels and automated journeys.

Financial Email Marketing
Opulent Email Marketing

Financial Emails That Deliver Results

Targeted, personalizable and measurable.

It is easy to understand why email marketing still is the backbone of most marketing campaigns. The availability of analytics allows continuous performance improvement through A / B tests and alternative subject lines to find the most convincing message.

Email marketing is an essential channel in any digital marketing mix, not only fast, cheap and highly profitable, but also a great tool for building relationships and brand building. Email encourages subscribers to revisit your website and regularly gain insights from your content.

Responsive Email Marketing Services


It is our job to ensure that your emails are completely on-point, compliant and GDPR-friendly. Not only that, we ensure that your email content adds value to your clients and corresponds to a higher open and click-through rate.

We design eye-catching email marketing campaigns and have 10 years of experience in this for financial brands. Let us take care of creating messages that are compliant, personalised and segmented for specific audience groups to deliver the highest response rates and ROI.


Leverage your subscriber data by personalising your email communications for higher engagement and to build trust and loyalty to your brand. Tailor their experience of your business with the information you have about them, making your emails feel personal and relevant.


By creating specific customer groups, based on certain behaviours or interests, your business can improve response rates significantly. Big data analytics coupled with AI can improve Marketing Automation funnels and create highly relevant and timely communications.

CRM Integration

We can integrate any CRM platform to leverage content customisation and analytics. This allows us to streamline your communications and create more meaningful relationships with your subscribers.

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation can reap results whilst you sleep. Give subscribers the right content at the right time by using incentives and progressive persuasion techniques to nurture prospects over a longer period of time.