Digital Audit and Strategy

With marketing technology being on average 33% of your marketing budget, it’s essential to gain new insights into how your business and your brand can reach current goals and continue to grow. Our digital audits look into your website traffic, bounce rate, sales target, social media following and much more to build financial professionals a marketing strategy that guarantees ROI.

Digital Audit

Digital Check-Up

Perfecting your Digital Identity in a sea of financial professionals

We ensure your entire digital identity is explored, giving financial professionals an in-depth understanding of where their business is stacked against competitors.

We provide advice on what works, what needs attention, and what should be left in the dark age of financial marketing.

We will dig deep into your website, social media platforms, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, email marketing and much more. You can leave everything digital to us, including ensuring your website is updated with educational, compliant and SEO friendly content. Organic SEO can contribute three times as many leads than paid advertising.

By using the best analytical tools available, we can ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Digital Audit Services

A powerful and united brand message can allow you to engage with the 46% of website visitors who can leave a website if they deem a brand ‘feel’ and ‘message’ to be weak. We’re here to help financial professionals enhance their brand and digital performance until it’s perfected.

From looking for improvements to getting a good nosey at how everything is set up, a digital audit is more important than people give them credit for. The world of digital marketing is moving so rapidly that it is essential to consider how your business is performing compared to the rest of the financial sector. Are your competitors using PPC? Are they ranking higher than you organically? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out and stop losing business to them!

During our digital audit, our experts look at the following:


Keywords and SEO

We will study your SEO efforts to understand where you are ranking. We will then suggest changes based on our findings. Some of these amends may be; keyword volume, value, opportunity, difficulty or even organic and paid traffic.


Site Architecture

How your website operates and the structure on which it follows must also be evaluated, with a focus on usability and features such as load time, security, internal links, landing pages and more.


Content Marketing

As one of the most powerful digital features of your website, your content will be a top priority in our audit. We evaluate key aspects of content marketing, including inbound links, social media and blogs.


Site Performance

An initial audit of your website and how well it performs will flag up any issues including site search, page rank, site maps, domains, hosts and more.


Audience Analytics

Through various tools, we conduct data analysis to make sure your digital marketing strategy is effective. It’s paramount to understand your website audience to understand how we can then increase conversion rates and engagement.


PPC Analysis

We understand how using your budget in a clever way will provide you the best possible ROI. Our digital audit service includes all your paid activities like social media, Google Ads, Bing, and any other PPC channels you use. Providing you with our suggested improvements


Competitor Analysis

Undertaking a competitor analysis is crucial. By discovering your online competitors and understanding what they do well, you can easily spot new opportunities that will get you strides ahead – increasing your conversion rate and ROI.



We don’t tell you what’s wrong and send you on your way! We ensure you have a tangible and comprehensive strategy, ready to be implemented. Our recommendations can then be carried out by your team or ours. Either way, we can be with you every step of the way.

Audit Strategy


In our digital audits, we examine financial professionals’ must-haves, should-haves, and could-haves to provide you with expert tools and strategies.

Getting a new website built provides you with the perfect opportunity to look at the wider digital health of your business.

The more specific the outcome is, the more effective it can be. That’s why we delve into so much detail in our digital audits – to give you the most accurate and transparent outlook possible.