Content Marketing

Content marketing involves so much more than just posting blogs on your website. Without engaging with relatable content, how would you communicate with your audience? Content marketing not only gives your clients and potential clients added value, but also helps to boost your organic SEO, build trust and enhance credibility.


Crafted with compliance at the forefront

Giving both context and valuable information is essential when it comes to content marketing in the financial sector. Posting at the right time and using targeting techniques are also key factors to consider if you want to ensure your target market has your brand at the forefront of their mind.

Here at Opulent Media our content creatives are fully immersed in all things financial. We have the ability to build on your brand presence giving you exposure, recognition and ultimately generating you quality leads.

Regular content will boost the authority of your website, meaning extra traffic and more conversions.

Content is King… or queen.


77% of internet users are reading blogs, so it’s essential to produce regular content that actively makes your audience visit your site and then convert into clients.

Audit & Objectives

First we asses the content marketing strategy that you currently use and then compare that to what we know success looks like. Using SMART objectives then guides our wider plan.

Competitor Analysis

There is nothing wrong with having a nosey at what your competitors are up to. Although our financial marketing expertise allows us a pretty conclusive idea of what works.

Content Strategy

Once we’ve identified who we are targeting and with what style of content, we will then create an engaging content marketing strategy tailored to you and your business.

Keywords & Traffic Sources

Our SEO specialists can determine the best keywords for each of your service areas to give them the best chance of ranking on the SERPs. (Search engine results page)


Like what you see? We’ll begin implementing your strategy as soon as you give us the go-ahead. We don’t mess about and waste valuable time - we know how fast you want results!

Content Optimisation

It’s important that your content moves with the times. We constantly carry out optimisation to keep your content ranking and hard-earned positions.


Creating monthly reports allows us to see how our strategy is performing and where we can afford to push a little more to boosts your traffic and rankings. We also like to report on year end to see how well we are doing compared to the last.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We are constantly on the lookout for ways in which we can help boost your conversion rate. From layout changes, copy edits, and different CTA’s, we always do our best to give each page the best conversion opportunities.

Strategy Review

We like to know that what we are doing is going well, but there is always room for doing better. We sit down and regularly review our strategy and how it aligns with your business plan, making amendments where needed.

Request Your Content Marketing Audit

Want your website to organically rank higher than it is now? With our help, the strain is taken off your shoulders and your content marketing strategy is placed into the expert hands of our content specialists. Approximately 47% of clients will view three to five content pieces before they engage with your business, and it’s important to understand how to measure what works and what doesn’t. We do that bit for you, too.