10 Ways to Build Authority Online with Financial Content

Build Authority

To build authority online within financial services marketing, you must be someone who is not only an expert on a financial topic, but also someone who takes the time to communicate this knowledge meaningfully online. 

If you are a financial professional, you’re already a thought leader without knowing. 

You should now ensure that search engines, prospects and clients can all easily see and find your financial content.

As a result, this will help generate prospects and revenue.

Build Authority

It’s logical: People do business only with people they trust in the financial services industry. 

Our hard earned wealth and life savings / investments are far too important to give responsibility to someone without authority or proven trust. 

Trust is earned by putting yourself out there and giving your financial brand a personality. 

This could be achieved by creating a strong personal brand or closely following Google’s E-A-T guidelines. 

It can also be achieved by regularly communicating research, updates and opinions that benefit your clients and prospects.

All of this was once done in person. But, as you will know, pretty much everything is now done online.

Before you even have a call with a prospect, they will already have a preconceived view of your business and you as a financial adviser.  

Content creation is one of the most efficient ways to build authority within financial services marketing.

It is how search engines and people find you. 

Over time, the best content creators, doing the right things, rise to the top. 

If you are working on your content marketing plan and trying to climb to the top, here are our top tips:

1.) Write and Optimise for Keywords

Offering added value is a great way to build authority. 

If your advice is effective, you will start to get repeat visitors. 

To further establish your authority, you can optimise your financial content for long-tail keyword phrases, such as “How to invest in ESG” for example. 

This strengthens a higher position rank placement in search engines and allows you to further build authority. 

2.) Niche Financial Content

Unless your content creation team is large and has a lot of expertise in various financial matters, you should focus your content only on topics where you are an expert. 

It is better to focus on a few topics where your expertise lies than to try to talk about all financial matters.

Although your audience may be smaller, they will reap the benefits of your content (and so will you) by taking this path to content creation. 

As your audience grows, you can expand the topics you cover as soon as you have a solid foundation.

3.) Financial Industry Updates

An authoritative financial company should always be up to date with industry news and will be known as the place to go for the latest information.

You should think of yourself as a journalist when writing content. 

Listen to primary sources, research important industry changes, and then tell your audience about the news and changes in your own voice. 

You can become the trusted source your audience turns to for critical information by filtering out rubbish news and reporting only on news that would be important and value-adding to your audience.

Search engines favour online content creators who report timely information.

4.) Use Authoritative Language 

Clarity is everything when it comes to becoming an authoritarian source.

People often think that ambiguous language can build authority. 

But in reality, it’s just waffle, or worse, makes no sense. 

It is important to remember that your efforts will be short-lived if readers do not understand you.

5.) Develop Case Studies

Let your clients do some work for you.

Let them tell everyone how great you are.

Creating case studies shows how your company solved a particular problem, or how you went above and beyond. 

You can use data and stories to show concrete results that show your authority within the industry. 

6.) Utilise long-form content

Your audience should have the opportunity to access more complex financial content, such as white papers, ebooks and how-to guides. 

These are all arguably more useful than a blog post, update or social media post. 

This is because they contain way more information, allowing your business to cement themselves as an authoritative industry leader.

By conducting a more detailed analysis, you will have a better chance of becoming a recognised thought leader.

This type of downloadable content can help generate more leads and is easy to share on social networks. 

7.) Contribute as a Guest Blogger

You have many ways to build authority online by being a guest blog writer.  

– Your reach expands. 

– You can position your business with other financial thought leaders. 

– You are exposed to new audiences. 

– You can create inbound links into your website to increase your website’s online authority. 

– Other thought leaders will hopefully write one in return – giving you a welcome break!

8.) Generate Inbound Links

Inbound links are a critical part of establishing your website’s online authority and your SEO efforts in general. 

Like, a massive part. 

Search engines consider you more authoritative if you have more links to your website from other authoritative websites. 

It makes sense. 

If other authoritarian figures think your content is great, they will link to it, and search engines will consider your content worthy to deliver it to its SERPs. 

9.) Stay active on social media

Your content is exposed to people in many ways. 

Some will land on your website, others may subscribe to your email updates or find you via a lead nurturing campaign. 

Although most of these prospects will still check you out on social media before committing to your financial service offerings. 

It is important that you remain active on social media and engage in discussions about relevant topics in your industry.

This is not only to be found, but also to demand authority as a place to which many turn, to seek clarification, to build authority and to gain trust.

10.) Be a credible resource

You must filter out the stuff that your audience doesn’t want to hear or care about when researching content. 

Credibility is about clarity, enthusiasm, consistency, and the quality of information presented. 

Knowledge is the cornerstone of credibility. 

No matter how much you say or do, credibility is impossible if you don’t have the right knowledge.

Build Authority Within The Financial Sector

Authorship, Author rank, Online Authority, Thought leadership – whatever you call it, we are talking about building trust.

You can build trust by establishing yourself as an authority within financial services. 

It’s much easier to grow your advisory firm once you have the trust of your clients, colleagues, and prospects.

Keep the areas above in mind when creating financial marketing content. 

They will help you stay on track and build authority faster.

Communicate your financial knowledge with passion. 

This will demonstrate that you are genuine and not just self-serving.

Before you expand into all areas of financial marketing, try to focus on one thing: Establishing relationships.

Above are 10 areas that you can start immediately to help you become an authority in the financial field.

If you feel stuck, lose your focus, or simply don’t have the time for all things financial marketing, get in touch.

We are here to help with all areas of Financial Adviser Marketing.

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