Branding and Creative

When it comes to branding and creative, you only have 2.6 seconds to make a strong first impression online. Branding is about creating a memorable identity that captivates your target audience and ensures sales growth. Our designers transform your company into a reliable, recognisable and respectable financial brand.

Opulent Branding and Creative

Find your identity through branding and creative


Branding and creativity are much more complex than choosing a logo and colour palette. Financial service companies must stand out from the crowd with compelling strategies, while offering your audience a great user experience.

Opulent Media Group is a financial specialist digital branding agency that can bring your brand to life online with a creative and consistent approach. Strengthening your brand allows you to engage your target audience, promote customer acquisitions, generate brand loyalty and see fantastic ROI.

We believe that if you nail your corporate identity, branding and logo, you will connect emotionally and build trust with your audience, which will set you on the right track to meet your KPIs and improve your conversion rate.

Brand Design Strategy


There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with us, but there is one that stands out from all others: we are financial services specialists. We are lucky to have helped build brands from scratch and refresh the brands of many financial businesses in the UK and further afield. This experience means we know what works, what doesn’t work, and what builds authority and trust in the industry. It also means we can get straight to work. You don’t have to spend hours explaining to us the difference between an ISA and a SIPP. We talk your language.